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Welcome to the website of Forge Integrated Primary School. The site is packed with information about who we are, what we do and where you can find us... so please explore! There's lots of day to day info including letters sent home and inof leaflets in the documents section of this website. Should you want to ask us about anything, then use the 'Contact Us' button at the top right of the screen and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! For the most up to date info on current and ongoing events in school check out our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Bah Humbug!

A 7% Cut to school budgets is being proposed. We only have until the 29th December to let the Department of Education know that schools and parents think our children are worth investing in and that taking ten of thousands of pounds away from schools that are already cash strapped just isn't on! Contact info and details on how to make your voice heard can be found here!

Nice to Meet You!

Thanks to everyone who attended our Open Day on 4th December and good luck to all parents making decisions about which schools and Pre -School settings to apply for next year. Remember that the closing date for applications for all schools and Pre-School settings in Northern Ireland is 14th January 2015. Application forms can be picked up in school or can be downloaded here.


It's Begining to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Check out the letter titled Christmas Events in our documents section to see what's happening in the weeks to come. Highlights nclude the PTA Christmas Fair on the 4th December, our P1- P4 Christmas Plays and our Carol Service.


PTA - Get Involved

Any of you who were at the recent PTA quiz will know what a great job our PTA do in terms of organising social and fundraising events and their AGM is Monday 29th September, immediately after the parent info meetings. We'll be meeting in the hall at 7.00pm and there'll be a cupp and and chancve to find out a bit more about the PTA and a chance to get involved.

Eco Schools

Four lucky members of our Eco Council were at Belfast City Hall Today where we picked up 2nd Place in the Tidy Northern Ireland School's Competition and also this plaque celebrating the fact that last week we gained the Green Flag that certifies us as an Eo School. We are ever so pleased with this!!Now, where would you get a flag pole around here.....


Drive Safe!

THANK YOU for your sensible driving and parking. Please remember to take great care as you drive along Rosetta Avenue, Carolan Road and through Wellington College. There are large numbers of children and young people on foot at peak times. Please be very alert to where the zebra crossings within the Wellington site are and take great care when driving over them. We have had reports of drivers continuing over the crossings when pedestrians have already set foot on them. We've also heard of vehicles being parked in such a way as to obscure drivers' view of the crossing or block pedestrian access to it. DON'T DO THIS!


To all those parents, pupils, staff and associates who completed our School Evaluation Survey. The results will feed into our School Development Plan and we hope to publish a summary of the survey results and the new developement plan in early October.

Easier Online!

We are encouraging as many parents as possible to register for our text & email update system and to follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds. It saves paper, reduces the cost of copying and cuts down on the frustrating 'Lost Note Syndrome' that afflicts so many of us! Get in touch with us at the office and make sure we have valid mobile phone and email details for you. 

We do want all of our online lives to be safe and comfortable and we have a number of policies regarding the use of IT and the internet in school. Social Media is a great way to communicate if we make sure we our conduct is positive, polite and age appropriate. Parents who do wish to engage with us via social media should read our Forge on Facebook policy. Please take on board the spirit of this policy and note that while Facebook steals the glory in the title thanks to its alliteration potential it also applies to Twitter!