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Religious Education

Our Religious Education Programme has 2 elements: Parents choose which best suits their family’s beliefs and practices.

RE (Religious Education) Our RE programme at Forge aims to ‘teach, not preach.’ Our scheme has been adapted from the Department of Education’s Core Religious Education Syllabus and our RE policy outlines the kind of approach and language we will use in class when discussing religious stories and concepts. This non-confessional approach to RE aims to be inclusive and affirming to children of all faiths and none, providing information and education that can be enriching without fear or favour.


Catholic Instruction: Children follow the Catholic Church’s ‘Grow in Love’ programme of instruction, reflection and preparation. The teachers work alongside parents to prepare the children for First Confession - P3, First Communion - P4 and Confirmation - P7.

All pupils from P3 - P7 also participate in our Integration Studies Programme:

This is a programme designed by staff to challenge negative attitudes, values and practices in society and inform children of world faiths. Children address prejudice and bias issues like disability, colour, race and culture in a sensitive, age related and thought provoking way. They also learn about Christianity, Taoism and the NI Chinese Community, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Judaism and Islam.