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P5 Assembly 10th October 2014 - Diversity


Our P5 Class were in charge of assembly this morning and the theme was diversity. Children had been talking to their parents about how they came to be in Belfast and we had a whole range of stories, a few of which we thought we'd share with you. Every city has thousands of stories and these are just a few brief lines from a few children in one class in one school.


  • I first came to Belfast in 1997 on a short holiday from Germany. I returned in 1999 for two reasons. Firstly, to learn English and secondly to experience a different way of life. I enrolled for an English course at QUB which lasted six weeks. After that I worked in many different places and studied English a lot (P5 Mum).


  • My Mum and Dad met in Poland. My Dad’s best friend moved to Belfast to study English. He told my Dad that he really liked Belfast and 5 months later my mum and dad decided they would try living in Belfast.


  • My Dad lived in London. In 1992 he took a redundancy from the telephone company where he worked as an engineer. It is very expensive to live in London so he decided to go back to school. When he finished an access course to higher education it was time to pick a university and a course he liked. Belfast seemed like a good option to him as he already had good friends living there. He applied and was accepted to study psychology and anthropology where he met my mum and the rest is history.


  • My mum and Dad are from Lithuania and they wanted to travel to another country so they came to Belfast. They loved Belfast and they both studied in University and got a job in a restaurant.


  • I am originally from a small town in county Meath. I moved to the North of Ireland many years ago to attend Art College. I loved it very much and loved Belfast city and all the people. I made many new friends too. I decided to stay and work when I finished college and one day I met your Dad who is originally from Dublin. He was working in Belfast as a T.V cameraman and the way he spoke always reminded me of the accents back home. We decided to settle down and make Belfast our home as we loved it so much. Our families came to visit lots and sometimes we go to visit them during school holidays, all the way down to the south of Ireland. In Belfast our money is called Sterling and when we travel to the South of Ireland we change our money to Euros (P5 Mum).


  • My Mum lived in Scotland and came to Northern Ireland because my Grandad was from Derry. They went to see family after he died and decided they would like to live here.


  • I came to Belfast fifteen years ago from Barcelona to study at Queen’s University. After a few months I met my husband and three years later when I graduated we married and I moved from Spain to here for good. Now I have three beautiful children and work as a teacher at the university (P5 Mum).


  • My Dad came to Belfast from Germany as a good choice to study and stayed in the halls of residence. He met my mum and the rest is history.


  • My Dad came from Cork in Munster in the South of Ireland and he got a job in Belvoir hospital. He then met my mum and settled down.