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Ready, Teddy, Go!

Saturday 18th May 2013. In terms of weather it wasn't really one of those days when you jump out of bed, fling open the curtains and think 'Wow, what a lovely day for a picnic!'

Leaden skies, rain and a dreary feeling that if spring has sprung at all it's sprung a leak probably sums up how many of us felt first thing on Saturday.

Dissolving Boundaries - Face to Face Trip to Castlewellan

What a Day! Miss Hartford and Mrs Kerr's classes finally had an opportunity to meet up face to face with their partner school from Rush, County Dublin today in the grand surroundings of Castlewellan Forest Park. We enjoyed a multi activity programme with the Life Adventure Centre and we were able to get stuck into Orienteering, canoeing, getting amazed in the maze (some might say lost), and generally soaking up the glorious sunshine. It was an absolutely super day and so nice to meet up with our friends from Rush and have such a cracking good time!