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International Visitors - Friday 15th March 2013

We had a really busy morning this morning at Forge with two seperate parties visiting us from Israel and the US. Teachers from the David Yellin Education College in Jerusalem of both Israeli Jewish and Arab background are here this week to visit various kinds of schools and they were interested to look at our model of Integration and talk about how we deal with differences in religious background and culture. Their visit was facilitated by NICIE and we hope they found it as interesting as we did.

P2 Assembly -Committment

Mrs Davin Power's class were in charge of our assembly this morning so it's no surprise that there was a strong musical vein running through the performance with lots of songs and some brilliant singing.

We were treated to a real variety performance with  news and weather presenters taking us through a Fairy Tale themed guide to the curriculum and underlining the importance of comittment to get better at reading, counting and the arts.

Well done P2, a really enjoyable assembly!

P7 Poetry in Motion, Waterfront Hall 11 March 2013

We've been lucky enough to have been involved this year again with local poet Shelley McClear and the Poetry in Motion Programme through Community Arts Partnerships.

P7 pupils have been getting creative in the classroom on paper and also through digitial sound recordings of their poems. The whole project culminated today in a performance by all of the schools involved in the project in the Waterfront Hall.

Fair Trade Friday 8 March 2013

We've discovered that this week is host to more than one red letter date for various causes one of which is Fair Trade. Fair Trade is something we look at with our P7 pupils during the course of the year as part of Personal Development and Mutual Understanding. Other classes will also touch on the idea through topic work about things like Rainforests so quite a few of our pupils are already pretty well aware of the concept.