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Verification Documents

Verification Documents

You may need to provide us with additional documents as proof that your child meets admissions criteria. This varies for Pre School and Primary School admissions - have a look at the relevant admissions criteria to see what is required. Some documents do need to be submitted with your application, other do not but may be asked for if we need to check that all is in order.

The list below is from  Department of Education Circular 2013/24. The full circular can be viewed here

8. The following list provides examples of the kinds of documents that can be used for the purposes of verification.

9. It is recommended that recent documents are requested when this information is being used to verify address. For instance, information older than one year would not be suitable for these purposes. Depending on the type of information being requested, a school could request that the information be not more than three months old.

10. Any one of the following documents can verify child’s age or name.

• Child’s Birth Certificate;

• Letter awarding Child Benefit to the child or another letter relating to this benefit;

• Child’s Medical Card;

• Child’s passport;

• Child’s adoption certificate.

11. Any 2 of the following documents can be used to verify address at which child is resident:

• Bank or building society statement;

• Utility bill (for instance Electricity, Gas, Television Licence, Telephone);

• Addressed payslip;

• Letter awarding Child Benefit to the child or another letter relating to this benefit;

• Mortgage statement;

• Land and Property Services rates demand.

• Financial statement such as ISA, Pension or Endowment.

• Current Driving Licence;

• Rental agreement

12. Other verifying documents which may be used to verify other application information such as eldest child or sibling relationships might be:

• A letter from a member of the Clergy, Solicitor, or Public Servant such as a Health or Education professional directly involved with the family.