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Authors' Websites (mainly key stage 2)

jkrowlingClick on 'Read more' to find links to the web sites of some of key stage 2's favourite authors. Find out more about the work of Anthony Horowitz, Dav Pilkey, Roald Dahl, John Boyne, Lemony Snicket, Philip Ardagh, JM Barrie, Terry Pratchett, Michael Morpurgo and Andy Stanton.

Please note, while these web sites have been created mostly for children's use and have been checked over by Mr T, Forge can assume no responsibility for any links from these sites to other sites, or for the comments that people post on them (most are moderated). 

Also, some of the web sites want you to create a username and 'sign in', please check with an adult that it is ok for you to create an account and give out any personal details!

Click on the author's pic to go to their site... 

lsnicketFind out 13 shocking secrets about Lemony Snicket, and possibly the weirdest song you've ever heard (about Count Olaf) at





Find out more about Captain Underpants at Dav Pilkey's extra crunchy (?) web site of fun. dpilkeyTonnes of very silly information, videos and dozens of games to play.







As serious a web site as the last one was silly, is Find out a little bit more about the author and what else he has written, (but remember John Boyne also writes for adults!) 




A really fun (and very 'swish') web site is An interview with the now deceased rdahlRoald Dahl and lots of information about his books. Check out the 'Treats' section, particularly the 'Wonkalator'...






All the information you ever wanted to know about Anthony Horowitz at, lots of message boards with discussion of the books, and the man himself answers some readers' questions.




Enter the crazy world of Philip Ardagh at and find out more about his pardaghcharacters, such Eddie Dickens. No games, but he does keep his journal up to date and it's normally fairly amusing...





jkrowlingThere are a gazillion fan sites, but the official J K Rowling site is Quite a big site (you can have it in Spanish, Italian, French...) always up to date with news, and JK was particularly good at answering fans questions about various HP threories, a little less fun now that has come to an end though...




Part of the publisher's web site ( is where you'll find the official web site of the astantonrevolting Mr Gum. If you haven't read a Mr Gum book, what's kept you?! Your chance to view 'Bag of Sticks' and play your own game of 'Butchers' Darts'...





A much more serious site is Michael Morpurgo's ( but for Morpurgo fans it will give you as much information about him as you want, and a long, long list of everything he's ever published.



Terry Pratchett's site,, is being developed, but there's still lots to look at, tptratchettand it looks great. Like John Boyne, though, remember that most of what Terry has written isn't for children, so make sure you find the right series of books!







If you're interested in J.M.Barrie and where the idea for Peter Pan came from, then this web site is for you ( There's a lot of reading there, and it is very 'adult' in its presentation, but videos of JM Barrie and photographs from the time Peter Pan was published make it very interesting.