We have two Pre-School Playgroup sessions per day with 24 children in each session:

  • Morning session 8.45am - 11.15am
  • Afternoon session 12.30pm - 3.00pm

The Pre-School Playgroup offers a quality start to children’s early education in a warm and caring atmosphere. The Pre-School team consists of the Leader, Stephanie Cherry, the Deputy Leader, Shannon Veitch and two Playgroup Assistants.

Together they plan and deliver the Six Areas of Learning as detailed in the Curricular Guidance document which is the

common framework recommended for all pre-school and nursery settings in Northern Ireland.

The Six Areas of Learning

(Curricular Guidance for Pre School Education, CCEA)

• The Arts

• Language Development

• Early Mathematical Experiences

• Personal, Social and Emotional Development

• Physical Development and Movement

• The World Around Us

These areas of learning tie in with the Primary curriculum that children progress to in P1. The Pre-School enjoys a self contained unit including a safe, enclosed outdoor play area. There are close links between Pre-School and P1 in our Primary School with P1 staff making regular visits to the Pre School and sharing resources. A high percentage of Forge Pre-School children transfer into P1 at the Primary School.