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Dogs on School Grounds
Anaphylaxis (Nut Allergies)
Forge on Facebook Policy (School Managed Social Media)
Smart Snacks
Internet Use Policy
CCTV Policy
Complaints Policy
Critical Incident Managment Policy 2015 Update
Open Door Policy Leaflet
Social Media Policy
Attendance Policy
Privacy Notice - Pupils, Parents, Families, Carers & Legal Guardians
Privacy Notice - Teaching Staff
Privacy Notice - Non Teaching Staff
Data Protection Policy
Special Educational Needs & Inclusion
Numeracy Policy
Literacy Policy
Learning, Teaching & Assessment Policy
ICT Policy
Mobile Phones and Other Communication Devices in School
VIsitor's Policy C-19
E- Safety policy
Remote Learning Policy
Policy on Pre-Recorded and Live Audio/Video Remote Learning
Policy on Pre-Recorded and Live Audio/Video Remote Learning
Anti-Bullying Policy 2021 Update (Consultation Draft)
Info Leaflets
Fantastic Forgies Leaflet
Severe Weather Guidance
Anti Bias Curriculum Info Leaflet
CLUB4UP After Schools Booking Form
Solas Parenting Group Info
7 Tips for Helping Children Deal with Life's Mean Moments
Traffic Safety Leaflet
So Your Mum or Dad has a Mental Illness - Children's Advice Leaflet
So Your Mum or Dad has a Mental Illness - Advice Leaflet for Young People
Paths Plus Programme Info Leaflet
Access & Security Arrangments - Info for Parents
Stanine Bands Explained
Headlice NHS Info Leaflet
Headlice Info British Assoc. Dermatologists
Citizens' Panel Event Report 2016
Child Protection Leaflet
Ochrona Dziecka - Child Protection Leaflet Polish Version
学校政策指南 Guidelines on School Policies - Mandarin
Mokyklos politikų gidas - Guidelines on School Policies - Lithuanian
Informacje na temat regulaminu szkoły dla rodziców nowych uczniów - Guidelines on School Policies Polish
ETI Inspection Report October 2016
Walking in Each Others Shoes - Report
School Evaluation 2017 -18 At a Glance
School Development Plan Summary for Parents/Pupils 2017/18
Pre School Playgroup Inspection Report Nov 2017
Pre School Admissions Criteria 2020
P1 Admissions Criteria 2020
Holidays and Closures 2020 - 2021
Governors Annual Report 2018-19
Home Learning Guidance March 2020
Stop Covid App - Info Letter 2020
School Restart Information August 2020
Covid-19 Risk ASsessment August 2020 Draft
Pre-School Admission's Criteria 2021
P1 Admissions Criteria 2021
Religious Education from P3 - Guidance Booklet
RE Info Flyer 2022
Annual Report of the Board of Governors 2019-20
Social Media - Keep Track of Your Kids!
Walking in Each Other's Shoes 2019 Consent Form Word Version
Letter re. Keyworkers Provision Covid-19
Letter for Parents from Chief Medical Officer 10/09/20
Home Learning During the January 2021 Covid Closure
Further Update January 2021 Closures Covid-19
Full Return to School March 2021
Post Primary Notifications 12 June 2021
Prospectus 2019 PDF Version