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Multi-Cultural Night! (Part 2)

MCFood (3)Food always plays a very central role in any Forge event! At the multi-cultural evening there was quite a variety to choose from. There were Chinese prawn crackers and spring rolls, Libyan soup, a selection of Polish breads, Indian vegetable curry and Japanese sushi. Also being made on an electric griddle were pancakes, provided by the Kosy Home Bakery in Lurgan. A big thank you to everyone who helped prepare and serve the food for the occasion (contacts through Artsekta). 

Multi-Cultural Night! (Part 1)

MCMusic (14)Forge kicked off its 25th birthday celebrations with its first ever multi-cultural night, in mid November 2010. When there's a new event at school it's always hard to know how many people will come out on a cold, dark night, but fears that people might be put off by the weather and time of year proved to be unfounded as the school was packed to capacity (and maybe a bit beyond...) Since there was soooo much going on this will be the first of 3 articles! Part 1 is all about music and dance.

The assembly hall was the setting for a demonstration of Bollywood dancing, Salsa dancing and a Chinese Fan Dance, from dancers provided by Artsekta (to find out more, click here). Some of the P7 girls (and one P4!) also performed...