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P6 Residential - Spring is in the Air?

The P6 Residential to the YMCA Centre at Greenhill, Newcastle is always a bit of a highlight and this year's trip was no exception. We had canoeing on Catlewellan Lake, thrills on the ropes courses, the aerial runway and laserquest. Things became a bit surreal on Thursday night when the Principal turned up, started grabbing everyone's baggage and ranting about the weather forecast.

Captain Cleanup & Eco Club Cleanup Fri 15th March 2013

Our P1-3 Pupils had a treat this afternoon when Belfsat City Council's Captain Cleanup arrived with us to bring home the message that this is our city and it's our responsibility to look after it. We hope our P1-3 children have got the message that litter goes in the bin or goes home with us - leave no trace.

There was a fantastic fun filled puppet show to get the message across and we had a great afternoon.

Red Nose Cookie Chaos! Friday 14th March 2013

One of these Fridays there'll be nothing special happening at Forge and we'll all feel a bit disorientated no doubt. Last week it was Integrated Education Week, Fair Trade Friday and World Book Day all within 24 hours. This week we've again had a multi event day, started off with gusto by our P7 pupils before the nine o'clock bell had even sounded.

A group of conscientoius pupils (and parents we must note) had been busy at home baking nut free biccies and buns to sell for Comic Relief's Red Nose Day appeal.