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The Big Picture - IIEW 2013

Mrs. Kerr's Class have been working on Community Maps this week as part of our Integrated Education Week programme. Community Maps are really just ways of thinking about the places we live, the people we live with and amongst and the places we visit and that are important to us.

As the week has progressed they have been creating a big picture montage on this theme and on the very similar theme of 'We, Me, Our World'

Fuss on a Bus - Forge Staff Escape from School!

Okay, so it was a little bit ahead of Integrated Education Week but the aim was the same. During half term most of the staff from Forge took a little local tour. Read on to find out why.....

Forge has been serving children in South Belfast for 28 years now as a 'ground up' Integrated school. This year we wanted to revisit our Integrated Ethos as a staff and reflect on just what we do that is special.