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W6! Who What Where Why When and........ Water?

We had a visit from those wacky orange coated people from W5 today who seem to have added another W to their rather repetitive portfolio of initials. There was a lot of interesting activity and information about water and our Key Stage 2 pupils had a really enjoyable and educational day. P7 have been left with a bit of project work to prepare before a visit down to W5 headquarters at the Odyssey complex.

Belfast City Council Schools' Cross Country - Tuesday 26 February 2013

Well done to all of our P7 athletes who attended the South Belfast heat of the cross country competition for primary schools today. It was an absolutely perfect day for it and while we didn't bring home any medals this time it was a great experience for us all. Not to be defeated by mere technicalities one of our creative pupils decided to take matters into her own hands and duly made a few medals for all involved at home which were presented to all on Wednesday morning. Ms Mahon was still wearing hers at half past four this afternoon!

Rainforest Reptiles Invade Forge

P4 and P5 had a very interesting morning with the people from 'Party Animals' who brought a selection of creatures that are exotic to us but are common found in other parts of the world. With rainforests as their topic at the moment the P4 and P5 pupils have been learning all about the habitat that the Amazonian rainforest has and it was great to see some of these animals up close and personal.